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Beaucoup Pop is a Lexington, KY based Podcast all about pop culture and general nerdieness!! Kerry, Justin, Matt, and Tressa as they talk about their loves in life; movies, comics, music, books, anime, video games, TV, manga, board games....the list goes on. In addition, the show features interviews, special guest hosts, industry news and new releases.

January 26, 2012 4:46 pm
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  • Geeks in Spaaaace
  • By: Beaucoup Pop
  • Episode 42
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New Episode time! Please check out the full blog and show notes by following this link:

This week, the crew aboard the Beaucoup Pop crazy ship, take a plunge into new territory…with their brand new equipment!!! *CHEERS FROM THE CROWD* We also have the fantastic artist Mike Maihack (, known for his comic Cleopatra in Space, joining us for an interview. We discuss everything from time traveling kitties to SOPA in this episode. Buckle up Poppers!!!

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